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Reflection on the Sojourner dinner by Tatiana L. 

National Sojourners, Inc., is a national fraternal organization that meets the needs of military (Commissioned, Warrant and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers) and honorary members who are Masons in advancing programs that promote patriotism. Each year the Sojourners pick two cadets, a male and female from each JROTC program to a Sojourner dinner. On November 19th I was invited to this Sojourner dinner along with a fellow male cadet to receive a Sojourner certificate in recognition of the highest attributes of Americanism and support of the United States as a member of ROTC.

The order of events was first a social hour between 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm followed by a very delicious dinner. I did not talk much during both the social hour and during dinner but I did listen to some very interesting stories about Sojourner member and his time in Alaska. After the dinner the President of this chapter, Mr. Perry, Jr., welcomed us guests and introduced fellow Sojourners and National Sojourners purpose as a whole as well as having a member say a little poem about the flag and its colors which was very moving to listen to. Once the introductions were said and done Mr. Perry asked that each member present, give a little background on their military careers and what it was like for them as well as the cadets to introduce themselves and their goals after high school. It was really awe inspiring when I heard each of the member’s background story and listening to the cadet’s goals after high school. Most wanted to enlist right after high school and a female cadet wanted to be an equestrian veterinarian which was the most relatable career to me wanted to be a teacher and advancing to be a high school principal. I was able to learn about fellow cadets from different schools and their aspirations for the future which weren’t too different from mine.

The National Sojourners by Munib W.

The National Sojourners is a group of patriotic men who all love their country, the United States of America. They have men who have been all over the world. They even have a veteran who fought in WWII. There purpose is to organize Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officers, and Non-Commissioned officers of the uniformed services, past and present, of the United States and Honorary members, who master mason into Chapters for the promotion of good fellowship between members. They support all patriotic aims and activities in Masonry, to build true Americanism and patriotism throughout the United State of America. They bring together representatives of the uniformed forces, past and present.

On November 19, 2014, from Thomas A. Edison High school J.R.O.T.C. program, Cadet Corporal Wabar, Cadet Captain Tatiana, and Colonel Reed were all invited to a National Sojourner dinner. There were a few other schools also at the dinner. There was a minimum of two cadets per school. The event started at 1830 hours and ended at 2130 hours. At around 1915, dinner started and after that, the color guard marched. After that, certificates were given out.  All cadets and administrators were given Certificates that states, “In recognition of the highest attributes of Americanism and support of the United States as a member of the RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS.” This ceremony occurred at around 2000 hours. It lasted about an hour.

The night was a night to remember. After the ceremony the members told stories of their glory day as young men in the military. It was nothing close to anything you see in a movie. It was even better. You could get the story from the original, unedited, truthful source. Each story was even better than the last. A great part to each story is that it has a lesson or moral to learn from it. These lessons actually will stick with you because they all came from experience.  It is a great honor to be invited as an honored guest to such a marvelous event.

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