Edison Eagle Battalions's Awards Ceremony this year is particularly unique because of the pandemic separating our cadets. Despite being unable to come together physically, we still celebrated with a video call. We wanted to recognize our exceptional cadets and the work placed into the program. Please feel free to explore this page and the 2019-2020 Media page to review our year.

2019-2020 Awards Ceremony

Eagle battalion goodbye

"Thank you again cadets for an amazing year. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you be apart of our Battalion. Best wishes for your future and the future of Edison's Eagle Battalion. Eagle Pride!"

Your former Public Affairs Officer,

c/Capt Rachel Dinh


Cadets please check your school email as well as google classroom to see our digital scrapbook and the full Awards Ceremony Call.

2020 Award Recipients

Sons of American Revolution (Enhanced Bronze Medal) *must have completed an essay Sara Rosales + $100


Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizen Award, Senior (luncheon at Mt Vernon CC) Mollie Coogan


Daughters of American Revolution Bronze Medal, Senior (luncheon at Mt Vernon CC ) Tan Jangtrakool


Daughters of American Revolution Youth Citizenship Medal 9th Grade Bryce Machie


Daughters of American Revolution Youth Citizenship Medal 10th Grade Jianna Sibunga


Daughters of American Revolution Youth Citizenship Medal 11th Grade Joseph Helms


Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America (Bronze Medal) Hannah Nelson


National Sojourners Americanism Award (LET 2/3) *medal and cert. Kathryn Moran


National Sojourners Patriotism Award (Sr, Svc Acad, ROTC or Enlist) *US Colors and cert. Rachel Dinh


Military Order of World Wars (Junior) Marco Feraud


Military Order of World Wars (Sophomore) Devon Repalda


Military Order of World Wars (Freshman) Lizzie Marquez Perez


Military Order of the Purple Heart CHAP 353 Socrates Rosimo


Veterans of Foreign Wars Distinguished JROTC (Sr, Svc Acad, ROTC or Enlist) Post 7327 Taylor Rankins


Coast Guard JROTC Medal Ginger Waters


Reserve Officers Association Awards (Hon Soc, Jr) Abdiel Mendez


Reserve Officers Association Awards (Hon Soc, Jr) Manraj Multani


US Army Recruiting Command Highest GPA Award (Female and Male) Morgan Field and Diego Geisner


Marine Corps Award: Athlete Kalani Feliciano


Marine Corps Award: Scholar Kevin Filipunas


American Legion Leadership Award- Post 176, Springfield


Bronze Award

Anthony (Kyle) Olvis


Joseph Hinkell


Keegan Cherry


Daedalian JROTC Ach. Award, (Soph or Jr, top 25%, desires mil. career)

Aidan Forrest

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Dylan Repalda

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Award

Ryan Kelly

American Legion Ribbon for Meritorious Service

Darian Daniels

Patrick Young

Andrew Nguyen

Miriam Cohen

Karissa Phagan

Piero Ang

David West

Noah Pickel

Clarence Frazier

Pariss Green

LaZaria Patterson

Hannah Khan

Valentina Nunez

LET Level Commendation Ribbon


LET 1  Awards

Jackson, Bianca

Witcher, Kayla

Ahmed, Sakib

Demir, Tarkin

Reyes, Benjamin

Tang, Kevin

Tecle, Abiel

Ahmed, Bejoy

Moore, Moraevia

Filipunas, Kaleb

Grove, Jonathan

Rodriquez Montoya, Eduardo

Sarroca, Samuel

Garnica Machuca, Pedro

Jenkins, Samyra

Kilday, Christianna

Mansaray, Oumouhawa

Dunkelberger, Daniel

Villamor, Earl Raven


LET 2 Awards

Hawkins, James

Rodrighuez Alverez, Justin

Lavery, Samuel

Outstanding Officer of the Year, plaque (Bn Cdr)

Jason Gonzalez


Binh Le Scholarship Award, plaque (Bn Cdr)

Jason Gonzalez

Outstanding NCO of the Year, plaque (Bn CSM)

Ibrahim Amin

Superior Cadet Awards


Distinguished LET 1 Award

Natalya Martino


Distinguished LET 2 Award

Peerapat Yenpanya


Distinguished LET 3 Award

Ali Del Castillo


Distinguished LET 4 Award

Jason Gonzalez


Top Company of the 3rd Quarter (Guidon streamer)

Delta Company